Recall Recommendations: Special Mail-in Election on September 14, 2021

California Recall Voter Guide

Voting For, Not Against, Your Values

Governor Gavin Newsom has failed in his leadership of California. His elitism and arrogant lust for power are a reflection of his broken policies.

Here are just 7 reasons we need “Yes” on the recall:

    1. The worst lockdown of any state with thousands of businesses and jobs destroyed… even today the second highest unemployment.
    2. The worst state for closing churches… the only state to outlaw worship and home bible studies.
    3. Historic Crime spike including releasing thousands of criminals out of prison and homelessness out of control.
    4. The state with the highest taxes, cost 40 to 50 percent higher than other states. The second highest cost for gasoline.
    5. Wildfires out of control due to Draconian laws not allowing forest clearance and proper forest management.
    6. Drought and blackouts: not planning ahead for dams and eliminating obstacles to proper energy.
    7. School closures and unnecessary involuntary masking of children. Determining children’s futures — child abuse or failed leadership.

The Ballot

On your ballot are 2 questions:

Question #1 Shall Gavin Newsom be recalled from the office of Governor? Yes or No

We recommend a Yes vote

Question #2 Candidates to succeed Gavin Newsom as Governor if he is recalled.

There are 47 candidates on the ballot. If 50% plus one vote to recall Gavin Newsom, then the candidate with the most votes wins. No majority. No run off. It’s a plurality. A candidate may get 20 to 30 percent and win. We need Larry Elder. We have extensively reviewed each candidate and analyzed their positions and ability to win. Our recommendation is for Larry Elder.

Larry will fight for:

    • Jobs
    • Lower taxes and regulations
    • Keeping schools open and fighting for school choice
    • Restoring law and order and ending the homeless crisis
    • Protection individual and religious freedom.
    • No more Lockdown

Six candidates would be powerful and effective governors.

But our recommendation is that Larry Elder is the best choice. His position on the issues, consistency on standing strong on his convictions, and his name recognition give him the best position of winning a plurality.

Some of the other candidates have positions on polices we like better. They have leadership abilities that may be better.

Sam Gullucci, John Cox, Anthony Trimino, Kevin Kiley, or Jeff Hewitt could easily be endorsed, but Larry Elder should be who voters unite around to fight for freedom, values, jobs, school choice and safety against homelessness and crime.

But they do not have the money and organization to rise above the front running candidates like Larry Elder.

We urge California voters unite around Larry Elder to fight for freedom, values, jobs, school choice, stopping the crime spike, and homelessness-reclaiming the California dream.

In order to vote, first make sure you’re registered. Registering to vote is easy and quick! You can register in one of two ways:

  1. Register beforehand online! To do so, just clickHERE and you’ll be redirected to


  1. Register in person at an early voting center or even on Election Day when you visit your local voting center. It will only take a few seconds to get you all signed up! ClickHERE to find your local voting center.


If you have received your ballot in the mail already, here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, fill it out….

It’s important that you first vote YES on Question #1 to recall Gavin Newsom before you cast your vote for a new governor.

  1. Then, sign the envelope included, and put it back in your mailbox or visit your local post office before the 14th to make sure it gets postmarked in time. (Ballots cannot be post-marked after the 14th) You can also drop it off a voting center on election day or even early in some locations.

If you or the postal service lost your ballot, here is what to do now to vote:

If you can’t find your ballot or have not received one, visit your local voting center – which can be located by clicking HERE. Please note that in some counties, early in-person voting is available right not if you don’t want to wait until election day.

Check with your voting center.


For the sake of our values and even our religious freedoms, we cannot let Gavin Newsom stay in power. Please make sure to stand up and cast your vote in the recall election by Sept. 14.


Candidates And Our Recommendation

Craig Huey is author and publisher of Reality Alert newsletter, and a frequent commentator on local and national news, TV broadcasts, local and national radio, and podcasts.  He is the president of and

Craig has spoken to several thousand pastors over the years and in hundreds of churches on how to vote their values and not against them.

Over a million follow his non-partisan recommendations every election, based on a Biblical worldview.

Craig is the only expert in the nation who evaluates and recommends judges as either strict constructionists or judicial activists on

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Craig speaks internationally on politics, Christianity, and marketing and advertising.